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PEACE - the project

In this age, it is no longer crazed fiction from the minds of lunatics nor philosophers, but fact that the United States of America has become a fascist state and needs dramatic redirection in the powers of the Federal government, the abolition of the IRS, Federal Reserve, and other powers that proper understanding of the U.S.A.'s Constitution does not allow; remembering the Constitution, reestablishing the country in its original rules of law and proper natural laws of humanity; hopefully through peaceful means, but with the will of the people doing what is necessary to reestablish the founding fathers ideas of the enlightenments ideals.

The above video is the first thing I show everyone I discuss this subject with. (I discuss this subject with everyone I ever meet) Take a look.

This is a study that Princeton University put together on the Diebold electronic voting machines.

The Zeitgeist movie:

This video is about the federal income tax, if you are continuously interested, watch the next three you will find on youtube as well.

Send us videos, articles, websites or any other information you may have that will help us in this cause. We need to educate America! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND STAND FOR THEM!! E-Mail the address listed below with complaints, recomendations and information.

We need links for these things:

Important web sites:

The Drudge Report
Zeitgeist - The Movie